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Program Overview

There is a widespread perception that public services are not meeting public expectations of performance. The public is becoming more challenging in its demands and gets disillusioned when reality does not match them. If the Government is ready to provide rst class public service it needs to redesign the system around the user and more importantly it has to address the deciencies in the system.

According to a survey of the decision makers in the federal service published by Accenture, three quarters i.e. 75 percent of the decision makers said that meeting grant demands with fewer resources is the biggest challenge they face. While two-thirds i.e. 67 percent said that allocating limited resources across competing priorities is the greatest challenge to improving service delivery. In these challenging circumstances when the demands are ever increasing and resources are limited the situation is further being complicated by evils like corruption and other inefficiencies affecting productivity and performance of the governments.

The Road Ahead

The road ahead for governments in the OIC World seems narrow and uneven, the over daunting public policy challenges haunting the governments are severe than national security threats. The recent global economic crises exasperated by continuous failure of local governments to address the situation causing greater levels of income inequality and unemployment has led to the Arab Spring that has hit the region severely.

The rising public aspirations and lack of Government Sector reforms to address these demands have been a major contributory factor to the present day crisis. If we categorize the ¬five big challenges that the governments in the region are being faced today these will include:

  • Economic Growth and Productivity
  • Effective Utilization of Tax Payers Money
  • Improving Transparency and Fighting Corruption
  • Talent Retention and Strategies to Capitalize on Technology Advancements

The road ahead can be widened and made even if the Governments today can empower the above ¬five big challenges. In order to be successful in the future the best time is to plan and act now, do not miss the opportunity to learn how to overcome the challenges affecting the success of your government.

This Leadership Program focuses on High Performance Governments and is tailored to the context and needs of the developing nations (with particular focus on the OIC World). The program offers an interactive forum to discuss major public policy challenges and aims to enable achieving a high performing government by addressing the core challenges being faced by governments of today in our region. This one week program provides proven frameworks, fresh thinking, pragmatic solutions and case studies delivered by world class faculty and leading governance specialists.

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