High Performance Government

Key Learning Objectives

    • Understand the strategies that enhance government productivity
    • Learn how to sustain the productivity lifecycle process
    • Allocating government resources according to performance i.e. performance budgeting concept
    • How to improve public revenue management system
  • Developing the value chain for public sector revenue management
  • Untwine the challenges of Public Finance Management
  • What are the minimum requirements for a Public Finance Management framework to be robust enough to prevent the revenue management curse?
  • What essential Public Finance Management reforms are politically and technically feasible?
  • Identify solutions to minimize corruption in government processes
  • Techniques for enhancing transparency in government systems
  • What are the transaction costs in a corrupt society and how these costs can be minimized
  • Understand your youth and carve out strategies for talent retention
  • Enable public sector reforms and develop a framework to harness the potential of youth
  • Learn about the latest technology in practice and what is best for your organization
  • The dynamics of E-Government and M-Government
  • How social media is playing its part in designing public policies
  • Innovation in government models including public private community partnerships
  • Learn how governments can become customer centric at policy level
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