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Meet the ‘SMART’ Government Leaders

Around the world, governments are faced with new demands, increased expectations and a fast growing array of new technologies and tools. Beyond the traditional pendulum swings of big versus small government (the public sector being called to rescue when the economy suffers ,and being urged to 'get out of the way' when conditions improve), we see in all parts of the world an unprecedented wave of new ideas about what governments could and should do , and how.

Against this new and rapidly changing background, and in the face of growing global and systematic challenges, the institutions and governments inherited from the 19th Century (dominated by the importance of stabilizing nation-states borders) are losing relevance and effectiveness.

While on the one hand these trends present new challenges, they also put forth several opportunities for structural reform and transformation. Governments today need to leverage these opportunities and capitalize on a new set of actors and tools. SMART Government is a government philosophy that strongly resembles corporate entities and for profit companies, it argues that government institutions must compete with for-profit businesses, nonprofit agencies, and other units of government. The SMART governments are catalytic and steering; community-owned; competitive; mission-driven; results-oriented (i.e. funding outcomes, not inputs); customer-driven; enterprising (i.e. earning rather than spending); anticipatory and decentralized.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand the strategies that enhance government productivity
  • Learn how to sustain the productivity lifecycle process
  • What are the transaction costs in a corrupt society and how these costs can be minimized
  • Enable public sector reforms and develop a framework to harness the potential of youth
  • Learn about the latest technology in practice and what is best for your organization
  • The dynamics of E-Government and M-Government
  • Innovation in government models including public private community partnerships
  • Learn how governments can become customer centric at policy level

Conference Fee

Before 25th December After 25th December
US$ 750 US$ 850
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